Paintings of the Dutch Painter Hugo Landheer (1896 - 1995).
Paintings granted to the museum of Plitvice (Croatia) at march 21 1984.
Click on a picture to view details and a larger version.
PV-001   PV-001
Fantasy landscape in brown colours
PV-002   PV-002
Landscape with fence, trees and white houses
PV-003   PV-003
Lonesome farmhouse in hills
PV-004   PV-004
Townwall and churches in landscape
PV-005   PV-005
Stone stairs
PV-006   PV-006
Cow with calf
PV-007   PV-007
Horse and 3 windmills
PV-008   PV-008
Grazing horse and red house
PV-009   PV-009
4 Mountain-tops and church
PV-010   PV-010
Foal with ditch and 9 bare trees
PV-011   PV-011
Small bridge, 5 pollard-willows and 2 ditches
PV-012   PV-012
Darkblue sky and 3 white clouds
PV-013   PV-013
Farmhouse, windmill and goat
PV-014   PV-014
3 Windmills, 4 houses and 4 stone stairs
PV-015   PV-015
Farmer and 2 yellow windmills
PV-016   PV-016
Church, 2 gulls and graves
PV-017   PV-017
Lamb and bridge between 2 houses
PV-018   PV-018
6 Crooked pollard-willows and 2 farm houses
PV-019   PV-019
Running horse with stone stairs
PV-020   PV-020
2 Small churches, 3 windmills
PV-021   PV-021
Mountain-ruin with church and castle
PV-022   PV-022
Ditch, rowing-boat and 2 houses
PV-023   PV-023
Running roe between 6 trees
PV-024   PV-024
Farm-didge with trees and 2 houses
PV-025   PV-025
Donkey with small fenced town
PV-026   PV-026
Small church surrounded by trees and didge
PV-027   PV-027
PV-028   PV-028
Roe and ruin
PV-029   PV-029
Small town with canal and 6 pollard-willows
PV-030   PV-030
Little donkey in green landscape
PV-031   PV-031
Small river, 4 bare trees and house
PV-032   PV-032
Rabbit, roe and 3 bare trees
PV-033   PV-033
Hamlet with wooden bridge and 2 trees
PV-034   PV-034
Cow and haystack in moonlight
PV-035   PV-035
Study of a red village
PV-036   PV-036
Bare forest with 2 white houses
PV-037   PV-037
3 Haystacks and 2 farmhouses
PV-038   PV-038
Red and grey house in grey landscape
PV-039   PV-039
Chinese wall
PV-040   PV-040
2 Surrounded churches and 2 graves
PV-041   PV-041
Church-ruin, grave and bell
PV-042   PV-042
Lonesome country-house with bare tree
PV-043   PV-043
3 Huts with small fence

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